favourite part of the day

when i come across inspiring words like that:

9a9514715c2bd00f95cf3ca24ebed539You see, we never really change. We’re always whole, perfect, and exactly where we should be. The only thing that changes is our perception of ourselves. We are still magnificent beings of love, no matter what our circumstances. If we perceive ourselves as whole even through the toughest of times, we find ourselves in the flow of life, allowing life to love us and deliver new opportunities. Our perception is our reality. And if we choose to perceive life as a gift, we will relish in the present. All change is good as long as we accept it as such.

We can find new strength, hidden talents, and a world full of hope when we let go of our fabricated identities that we tend to give so much value. Our value is within ourselves, in our hearts, in our trusting ourselves and life to love us fully.
That’s where our authenticity lies. In our true self, we are always at peace. If we choose to wear a different hat, or life makes the decision for us, the only shift is in our mind. Our true self is always whole, perfect, and content. Welcome change! Welcome a new identity. The world awaits your gifts.

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