i like it when the sun is rising
i like it when the rain comes too
raindrops are fallin mild and shining
upon my face and make me full

i’m full of freedom, full of joy
i’m bursting out and letting go
for free is everything u can enjoy
so smile, embrace, want nothing more

holding hands beneath the sky
huggin sun and kissing rain
i part my lips and now i find
i simply taste my own restraints

it’s bitter for the old despair
it’s sour that one cannot repair
it’s salty cuz the work is hard
it’s burning hot feeling in discard

but biting irony would say
it also tastes like heaven,
cuz sweet is the pain

now that i have tasted all the world
i wanna grab my whole life and reword:
taste of happiness is never simple, pure
it’s like a mixture, like a journey
and the pathway – magnificent, mature


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